In: Pebbles Monochromatic Range

Rounded Crushed Slate
7 November 2020

Rounded crushed slate by Recycla It’s new, it’s different, it surprises your customers. New product launched at the end of 2020 …

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Canto rodado blanco de granito
Granite Mercurio Pebble
5 October 2020

Granite Mercurio Pebble Pebbles Granite of white color with black points, a classic pebble in decoration of gardens and landscaping, very…

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Canto rodado gris micro marmol
Terrazzi Grey pebble. Gama Recycla® Serie 2008
5 October 2020

Canto rodado Gris Terrazzi Gama Recycla® Ecological decorative stone, handmade from waste, raw material collected from …

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Canto rodado verde
Green Pebbles
6 February 2020

Green Pebbles Green marble pebble, rounded marble of natural green color, perfect for garden decoration and xerogardening. Available in different packages... Read More
Canto rodado Blanco Montini
White Montini pebble
19 January 2019

White Montini pebble The white Montini pebble is our most economical white pebble, it is a stone of great quality and... Read More
Grey river pebble
2 January 2019

Grey river pebble The Grey river pebble is a naturally tumbled pebble, extracted from natural quarries. Once extracted from the quarry,... Read More