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Decorative stone manufacturer

We focus on our distributors,
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120 types of stone
30 exclusive stones.
50.000 m2 of stock.


New facilities
production and packaging
inaugurated in 2018


Unique packaging.
Sell more, last longer
they occupy less


Manufacturing capacity:
1.500.000 tn/year Decorative gravel
218.000 tn/year Pebbles

Do you sell the same products as your competitors?

These are some of our products:

  • All
  • 1 Gravel Gardens
  • 1 Pebbles
  • 1 Resin bound stone
  • 2 Cheap product range
  • 2 Exclusive product range
  • 2 Mixcolor Range
  • 2 New Products

“Create your future from your future, not your past.”

Werner Erhard

How can we help you?

Pebble and gravel big bag

  • Unique big bags, they take up less space, are more resistant, cover safety handle, are more slender and easier to handle.
  • Available in 1.000 kg. 500 kg. and 250 kg.
  • We can fill big bags with your brand
  • Controlled big-bag stocking system, we fill them at the right time so that they do not age before they reach your company.

Mesh bags 20 kg pebbles and gravel

  • Your client can see and touch the stone, it is a display in itself.
  • All the stone packed in netting is always washed.
  • They last longer even outside, up to 5 years.
  • Less plastic, less pollution. It uses 30% less plastic than the traditional bag, and it is also a reusable product.
  • It does not produce condensation, greens, mould or bad odours.
  • It is more robust than the traditional plastic bag.

Maritime transport, door to door

  • We load any type of container
  • Shipping to more than 20 differente countries
  • Secured transactions
  • Products worth travelling
  • Surprisingly low transport costs

Stone for gabions

  • Wide range of gabion stone, exclusive stones
  • Perfect sizes for gabions, reclassified and washed.
  • Rocks and pebbles.
  • Exclusive range and economic range.
  • Bulk or big bag service.

Unique and big pebbles & rocks

  • Unique rocks, in big bag, cage and large examplars.
  • Rocks selected by you
  • Selection service by photo on the spot.
  • Natural pins of large dimensions, unique examplars.
  • Large pins of any type of stone, up to 1,000 mm. (coming soon)
  • Transporte paletizado o incluso a granel.
  • Special transport for this type of product.

Chippings & pebbles for resin floors

  • Washed and dried 2-6 mm. gravels and pebbles for resin.
  • Igea gravel and black sand for precast concrete, the most intense black on the European market.
  • Bulk delivery, big bag and combined transport of both.
  • Wide range of grits and sands, different colours and types of stone.
  • Tailor-made washing service for fine gravel, from 1 mm. (coming soon)
  • Service of mixing different gravel from the load.

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