Pebbles for outdoor decoration

Pebbles are an excellent solution, as they minimise maintenance times and save water, as well as offering a multitude of finishes and combinations to design beautiful and functional exteriors.

At Canteras el Cerro we divide our products into two large groups. Both with exclusive varieties.

We have exclusive varieties, in different colours and granulometries, each of them designed to meet the needs of each customer.

Mixture of pebbles in different proportions, perfectly reclassified to obtain original mixtures, infinite products that you can also configure to measure.

Do you want to create a garden with pebbles and don’t know what style to give it?

  • Mediterranean style with leafy plants.
  • Minimalist, with white or pure touches.
  • Zen style gardens, made for contemplation.
  • Gardens with compositions of stones in different sizes and colours.
  • Rustic, with volcanic rock and rockery.
  • Gardens mixing stone and vegetation.
  • Paths delimited with borders or paving stones.
  • Courtyards of light with boulders and flagstones.

On our blog you can find the inspiration you need.

What are the applications of pebbles?

These stones are formed from pieces of crushed rock. The portions are further processed to give them a more or less rounded shape and a smooth surface. In some cases they are also mixed to create compositions of different colours, textures and sizes.

The stone fragments measure between 2 and 100 millimetres and can be divided according to their uses and applications.


Cantos rodados
  • Gardens
  • Parks
  • Planters
  • Aquariums


Pavimento continuo con canto rodado en restaurante
  • Continuous floor
  • Deactivated concrete
  • Prefabricated slabs


Cantos rodados blancos  en el tejado o cubierta invertida
  • Inverted roofs
  • Sprayed aggregate facades
  • Floor screeds and drainage


  • Biopools
  • Rainwater
  • Irrigation systems