Canteras el Cerro, over the years, has evolved and adapted, through various investments in quality, technology and continuous improvement to meet the increasingly demanding needs of our customers.

CE marking

As manufacturers we inform users and authorities that our products comply with the mandatory legislation for the affixing of the CE marking.

The following documentation indicates that the products comply with the applicable provisions of all the Directives that apply to them. Our products are covered by the relevant Directives.


  1. Bituminous mixtures: 1  •  2  •  3
  2. Granular layers
  3. Concrete: 1  •  2  •   3  •  4  •  5  •   6  •   7  •   8


Corporate Social Responsibility

“The voluntary integration by companies of social and environmental concerns into their business operations and their relations with their stakeholders”.

Traditionally, CANTERAS EL CERRO S. L. has applied corporate social responsibility practices, taking care of its labour relations with its workers and clients, supporting social, sporting and cultural initiatives in the area.

In June 2010 we implemented a plan to strengthen and advance in Corporate Social Responsibility, laying the strategic foundations for growth, making profit maximisation compatible with the implementation of social and environmental practices.

All these aspects improve the productivity of enterprises and facilitate adaptability to changes resulting from competitive markets.