In: Decorative Large Boulders

Large Decorative Boulder
21 October 2020

Large decorative Boulder Large decorative boulder, artificially rounded to obtain products with a very attractive surface finish, of great decorative value …

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Piedra blanca para rellenar gaviones
White granite rock Gabions
27 April 2020

White granite rock Gabions White granite rock in the perfect size for filling gabions 60-120 mm, a size that allows you... Read More
White marble boulders
28 January 2014

More sizes of our boulders: 150-300 mm. y 300-500 mm. Expanded our range of white boulders with these two different sizes,…

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Gabion stone
28 January 2014

Gabion stone We realize decorative gabion stone stone for both outdoor and indoor decorative gabian stone offers many advantages besides the…

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Transparent boulder
24 January 2014

Transparent boulder This is a unique and exclusive stone where the translucent properties of glass are joined with the natural texture…

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Rockery stone
23 January 2014

Rockery stone for decoration This Rockery stone for decoration, also called Rock with holes, is made of limestone. As time went…

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