Grey river pebble

Grey river pebble

The Grey river pebble is a naturally tumbled pebble, extracted from natural quarries.

Once extracted from the quarry, we wash it, select it and keep it in different kind of packaging.

Although its commercial name is Grey river Pebble, it is a multicolored pebble, of a porous aspect.


We have a wide choice of sizes, the granulometry are as follows:

4-8, 6-12, 12-24, 24-40, 40-60, 60-90, 90-120 and 120-200 mm.

Unit of sale

Our Grey alluvial stone can be delivered in bulk, truckloads of approximately 25 tons

In 1000 kg bulk bags, as well as in 20 kg mesh bags (50 mesh bags per pallet)

Please check the high definition photos that are available on our Google Plus profile Canteras el Cerro. and on our Pinterest account.

This stone is part of our range of economic stones

Grey River pebble



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