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Porcelain stoneware XL slabs on turf
Porcelain stoneware XL slabs
27 July 2021

Porcelain stoneware is a material that has the capacity to adapt to the needs of each project. Due to current trends... Read More
Pas japonais sur le gazon artificiel
Japanese white concrete step
7 May 2021

One of the main advantages of this Japanese step with respect to natural stone is that it is a more economical product without …

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Modular gravel stabiliser on an inverted deck
Gravel stabiliser Grid Blocks
12 April 2021

Achieve firm paths, walkways or car parks with gravel thanks to gravel stabiliser. These gravel pavements combine…

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Losa jardín blanca con vidrio azul
3 November 2020

Losa jardín blanca con vidrio azul Grandes dimensiones, acabado diferente Si algo destaca al ver por primera las losas es su …

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Garden Slab “Pebble”
3 November 2020

Garden Slab “Pebble” 3 different models, infinite combinations. Series composed of 3 different models, can be sold together or separately, in …

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Yellow Opus Incertum
7 October 2020

It is a quartzite of great strength and beauty, you can use it for paving, for the creation of paths and trails, placed on sand or fixed with mortar….

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