Laja Black pebble

Our Laja Black pebble is a rock of sedimentary origin, composed of layers of limestone, slate and sandstone. It is of a silvery black colour and of different shades and intensities. It forms a very original and striking set.

It is not a normal pebble, we tumble it so as to keep its geometric shapes, while rounding them. This characteristic reminds somehow of slate chippings.

The Laja Black pebble is an exclusivity of Canteras el cerro

This Black pebble is artificially tumbled, washed and selected on our new production line.

Laja Black pebble – granulometry

Our pebble is available in the following sizes:

12-24, 24-40, 40-60 and 60-100 mm.

Unit of sale

This pebble is available in 1000, 500 et 250 kg and in 20 kg mesh bags.

For more photos in high definition please check the link.



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