Opus slate slab

Igea Opus slate slab

Irregular Opus slate slabs for roads and paths in gardens, tiling, cladding and flooring. This stone is irregular, with different shapes and sizes. Available in two sizes: L and XL.

The L size is irregular and of about 30 x 30 cm.

The XL size is the biggest size (around 1 x 1 meters max.).

Their thickness is between 1 and 4 cm, but most of the slabs are between 2 and 3 cm thickness.

losa pirregular de pizarra negra

Our irregular slate slabs of dark grey colour doesn’t rust over time.

This kind of slate slab offers great decorative options. It will be perfect for your projects both rustic and contemporary.

It is a natural stone, each piece is unique and unrepeatable, in shape, texture and colour. This slab will give a touch of quality, originality and authenticity to your natural stone project.

The slate slabs can also be used in gardening, architecture, indoor and outdoor dining areas, Japanese steps and much more.

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Dark grey irregular Opus slate slabOpus slate slab

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