Slate plates for gardening with light, (Velestone LED)

New decorative product to gardening, landscaping, outdoor decorative in general

Each plate has artificial slate LED lights. it is charged during the day by a small solar panel. When the LED light system detects poor light,  it turn on automatically.

It is acreative, spectacular, economic and sustainable  option to decorate the entrance to your home , your garden, patio and enjoy them and decorate them overnight. Making entries chalets, roads, paths or walkways. Solar panels light up approximately 8 hours or  more without problem .

The solar panel includes a small battery to capture solar energy during the day and converts it into electricity for the night without having to spend electricity, it contribute a lighting touch really useful and decorative at night.

we offer our LED Velestone plates in this size: 1 meter long x 30 cm. width x 3 cm. high,  weighing approximately 14 kg each plate. By being made from artificial slate, disadvantages as the oxide and its weight are avoided.

With just one solar panel we can light until ten artificial slate plates.

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