Granite Bollards

Bollards are elements that are made of natural stone blocks according to specific characteristics depending on their function. They are generally designed to obstruct the passage of vehicles and protect pedestrian areas, or to mark specific areas in the urban environment. Their geometry and dimensions can be very variable depending on the purpose of their design.

Park with granite bench area
Spherical granite bollards delimiting the pedestrian area

Why Granite Bollards?

The traditional natural stone bollard has evolved in recent years, not only in design, but also in functionality. Primarily, this type of element had a purely dissuasive function, protecting areas, but they have evolved by also seeking an aesthetic function and public utility, becoming decorative elements or street furniture such as benches, planters, lighting…

Thanks to this evolution, granite bollards are now making their way into the private environment. Gardens and terraces now boast beautiful natural stone elements that offer aesthetic distinction and timelessness, modernity, a long life and in many cases functionality, as they can be used as benches, pedestals, benches or tables.

The main advantage of the natural stone bollard, as well as planters or benches is that they do not require any installation, just place them in the place where you want to place them. But one of the most interesting virtues is that it does not require any maintenance, in this sense granite has no competition with wooden or forged benches.

Garden with decorative granite bollards
Granite bench area in pedestrian zone

Granite cubes and spheres

At Canteras el Cerro we like to provide elements to improve both public and private environments, filling the spaces with natural stone, whether in the form of tree surrounds, slabs, benches, kerbstones, planters, paving…

In this post we would like to introduce you to a new and very versatile product, which will offer you a multitude of possibilities and combinations when decorating: granite bollards. We have these products in the shape of a 40 cm cube with bevelled edges or a sphere in various sizes, both with a grey sawn finish on all sides.

They are natural and high quality products, with a careful processing to detail that can be seen in the calibration of the pieces. Thus, they enrich the space and provide durability, balance and modernity. Granite pieces with a careful production process; extraction, design, transformation and quality control meticulously controlled.

Granite cube-shaped bollard
Granite garden cubes



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