Gravel stabiliser Grid Blocks

Achieve firm paths, walkways or car parks with gravel thanks to gravel stabiliser. These gravel pavements combine the comfort of a concrete path with the natural look of a gravel path. An ideal solution for walking, cycling, wheelchairs, cars…

Modular gravel stabiliser on an inverted deck
Inverted roof made with modular gravel stabilising plates on waterproofing sheet.

Geocells stabiliser

It is composed of black non-slip plastic plates, each plate has dimensions of 505x580x30 mm and weighs 1kg. The panels are divided into 100 hexagonal cells with a diameter of about 5 cm. The perimeter of the panels is prepared with “click” joint tabs, making it easy to join them together to create large-sized flooring (4 panels make up 1.17 m²). They require perimeter fixing to the floor by means of staples or pegs and for this purpose they are prepared with perforations.

If the ground on which the modular gravel stabiliser is to be placed is earthy or weed-prone, it is highly recommended to place an anti-weed mesh under the gravel stabiliser. The amount of stone required is obtained by calculating 60 kg. of gravel per m², it is recommended that it is gravel and not pebbles, so that it compacts better. The ideal gravel size is between 6 and 16 mm, any gravel within this range is valid. It also allows for backfilling with soil or planting grass.

With this stabiliser and the gravel, a non-slip draining pavement is achieved that is ideal for avoiding puddles, mud or ice formation on the coldest days, increasing traffic safety, as well as allowing the absorption of water by the plants or trees that may be planted on the edges of the paths.

Individual gravel stabiliser module
Geocell module to form a gravel pavement.
Piquettes holding modular gravel stabiliser
Perimeter fastening to the ground by means of pegs.
Modular gravel-filled geocell stabiliser
Gravel stabiliser hexagonal geocells filled with gravel.
Drainage pavement section with gravel stabiliser
Drainage pavement section with gravel stabiliser


  • Easy to install with very little effort.
  • Affordable price, much more comfortable and practical garden paths.
  • The parts are easily joined together thanks to the “click” tabs.
  • Drainage paths prevent the creation of annoying puddles.

Product details

  • Length 505 mm
  • Width 580 mm
  • High 30 mm
  • Cargo class C250
  • UV resistant
Modular gravel stabiliser over anti-weed mesh
Road prepared with modular gravel stabiliser over anti-weed mesh ready to backfilling.

Laying of modular gravel stabiliser

Placing the gravel stabiliser is not excessively complicated, but it does require some specific steps to be followed, it is a matter of patience rather than skill.

  1. We cut the anti-grass mesh to the size of the space, stretch it well and fasten it with staples so that it does not move.
  2. Then we place the panels on top of the mesh and fasten them all around the perimeter with staples until the entire surface is perfectly covered.
  3. We begin to fill the cells with the gravel, first fill a section and then we can pour more gravel on top of that section and push it towards the empty cells. From this point on, the work is easier and faster.
  4. Once the entire stabiliser is filled, it is recommended to add 5 mm more gravel, so that the stabiliser is not visible.
  5. It is recommended to tread the gravel well, if we have a roller that weighs it would be perfect, but if we do not have one we can put a board and get on top of it to tread the ground little by little, this way the gravel will be compacted very well and we will get the comfortable effect we are looking for.



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