Velestone Staby Gravel Grid

Our Velestone Staby gravel grid for gravels is a geotextile-based structure. When filled with gravel, it provides a perfect stabilization of the ground. Ideal for driveways, paths, parking areas, gardening, landscaping and construction projects. It will now be safer to use bicycles, wheelchairs, cars or even high heels.

One of the great advantages of our Velestone Staby Gravel Grid is that it is a compacted accordion shape, which makes transport and storage easier.


Each grid covers 10 m2

Structure weight: 4,7 kg

Structure size: 1.65 m x 20 cm x 5, 5 cm.

How does it work?

Once on site, it has to be placed on the ground, stretched, and the honeycomb structure has to be filled with gravel. In addition to stabilizing the soil, it offers a 100% porous pavement. The Velestone Staby geotextile porosity allows drainage of water, both vertically and horizontally. This makes it an ideal basis for sustainable urban drainage systems because it avoids creating puddles that damage pavements and roads.

It is a product used on walking areas, driveways, paths, roads, gardens, but also on parking areas, roads, hiking trails, golf courses or sport courts such as paddle. It is also used to prevent ground erosion and it can be placed on slopes of less than 30° angle.

No need for maintenance and unlike other similar products you can find on the market, Velestone Staby is very resistant to all kind of weather, sun, rain, snow, etc.

Velestone Staby Ground stabilizer

See how it works: Velestone Staby. gravel grid.

Velestone Staby Ground stabilizer


Velestone Staby Ground stabilizer