Is your gravel stabilizer very expensive, takes up a lot of space and is not sold?

Estabilizador de gravas barato

It distributes the final gravel stabilizer.
                                                  Staby 2.0


400% cheaper

It is the cheapest gravel stabilizer on the market, 4 times cheaper than the rigid one.


It fulfills its objective just like its riders, it is a gravel stabilizer very easy to place, only one person can place it.


2.000 m2/pallet

It occupies very little, 1 pallet contains more than 2,000 m2. Your client takes it with him in his own car.


Multiply by 10 the sales of stabilizers and increase your cross-sales of gravel and anti-weed mesh.

every season you have in the warehouse 12.000 euros in rigid stabilizers that occupy you 200 m2?

Distribute Staby 2.0 and increase your sales, without the need for investment, stock or space.

What is Staby 2.0?

Staby 2.0 is a flexible gravel stabilizer, which weighs and occupies very little and with a very tight price.

After selling more than 2,000,000 m2 of flexible Staby 1.0 stabilizer, we have improved it and reduced its price by 25%

These are the characteristics of the Staby 2.0 stabilizer

  • Pack of 15 m2, 3×5 meters, cells of 20×20 cm. and 5 cm. high.
  • Allows water to pass down and to the sides, avoiding the accumulation of water.
  • Each pallet can carry 136 packs with a weight of 816 kg.
  • The 15 m2 pack folded occupies approximately 112×30 cm. and weighs 6 kg.

Advantages of Staby 2.0 gravel or geocell stabilizer

  • Price leader product, the cheapest in the market and works as the most expensive.
  • It occupies and weighs little so it travels very cheap too..
  • You don’t need a lot of space to store it, you can even have it in your office.
  • Minimum investment, it travels cheap and fast, we have the stock.
  • Your client doesn’t need a big vehicle for his transport, he can take it by hand in his car.
  • Impulse buying product, try it out is easy and cheap which allows you to get large quantity sales.
  • It is a proven and improved system.
  • Attracts new customers.
  • With the guarantee of Canteras el cerro.
  • Your “neighbor” can’t offer it.
  • It increases cross-sales of gravel and anti-weed mesh.

Do your customers ask for many gravel stabilizer quotes but few end up buying?

Find things that are not done in your industry and do them.


Are you interested in distributing Staby 2.0 exclusively? Contact us now.

  • We can put your personalized label for orders of 1 full pallet.
  • Discounts for orders over 1 pallet.
  • No minimum order, we serve from 1 pack of 15 m2
  • Request your sample now.