Galet gris bleu

Blue Grey Resin pebble

Blue Grey Resin pebble

Marble pebble of a clear bluish grey colour, a blue grey with white vein. This aggregate adds a modern touch and brings brightness to the paving. Even dirty, it still looks great. This pebble is hard so it’s perfect for busy pavings and sidewalks.

2-6 mm granulometry

Washed and dried pebbles

The Blue Grey resin pebble is perfectly washed and dried, to avoid any problem during mixing with the coating resin.

If the stone were dirty, dusty or humid, the pavement would not be properly placed because water and dust do not allow the resin to adhere properly.

Unit of sale

The resin pebbles are available in bulk, in 1000 kg big bag, in 500 kg big bag, in 250 kg big bag and in 20 kg plastic bag.

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