Natural stone Masonry

Masonry is the traditional construction system based on the erection of walls by manually placing the materials of which they are composed (masonry). These materials are mostly stone and are characterised by their lack of uniformity and a rigid arrangement.

Traditional masonry

For the construction of these walls, different techniques can be used for the addition of the stone, but we will comment on the most commonly used ones:

  • Dry masonry, where the choice of masonry is very important to ensure stability, no mortar is used and instead small stones are placed to fill the holes and wedge the stones.
    Ordinary masonry, in which a mixture of cement or lime, sand and water is used and the materials are arranged in such a way that the spaces to be filled are kept to a minimum. In the past, mud was used, to which other natural elements were added, such as straw and, in some rural areas, cow and horse dung.

Stone and mortar walls, a product of masonry, are highly durable and strong and provide a clean appearance. Traditional masonry creates structural and load-bearing facades, suitable for high-rise buildings.

As we would say today, masonry is an environmentally sensitive system, we say this because its construction allows for a reduction in the waste of the materials used.

Wall with masonry cladding
Masonry wall covering

Decorative stone on walls

Traditional masonry techniques are not very common nowadays, but they are more widely used than is generally believed. Although they have a rudimentary and crude appearance, they are very useful systems in some types of construction.

In many avant-garde buildings, decorative masonry techniques are used for the embellishment of interior and exterior walls, whether in private homes or in streets and other public places. In this technique it is common to use regular stones, generally polished and with a touch of varnish. The purpose is to add beauty and warmth to the structures.

At Canteras el Cerro we like to provide our customers with the best materials, we try to ensure that they have the necessary solutions for their projects at hand. In this case we want to present the new natural stone for masonry, it is a clear and shiny stone, with marked veins that make water, quite regular and with a lively outline.

Masonry stones
Masonry wall cladding parts



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