Tricolour terracotta clay

Tricolour terracotta clay is a 100% ecological material composed of red, white and black decorative grog, it is used to decorate gardens and landscaping, parks, paths and trails.

The chamotte is a fired ceramic material that is crushed and classified by size. The so called Tricolour terracotta clay is available in the grain size 6-14 mm.

It is a natural product, clean because it does not get dirty and does not stain, it is not abrasive. It has great draining qualities, prevents water evaporation, maintains humidity and reduces the need for irrigation.

It is a new product that will give your projects a touch of elegance, originality and personality. It is manufactured by selecting grains of 6 to 14 mm. of red chamotte, white chamotte and black decorative aggregate in equal parts, resulting in a homogeneous product with an attractive natural colour.

Tricolour terracotta clay

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