Our Resin Bound Aggregates improves the look, safety, cleanliness and maintenance of the ground

Our VELESTONE RESIN is a definitive solution for tree pits.

Easily applied, it can be used with any type of aggregates and even with pine bark. Apart from the above mentioned advantages, we can highlight the following ones:

– 100% drainage material. The tree or vegetation keeps on receiving water
– It maintains humidity, saving 70% of water irrigation
– 100% natural, water based product
– Lifetime resistance and strength
It eliminates architectural obstacles and avoids accidents
– Increases safety, non slip finish
Prevents the aggregates from trawling and keeps the tree pit clean, weeds disappear
– Does not require skilled workers

The Resin Bound Aggregates can be used to make sidewalks, paths, roundabouts, drawings, logos, etc. with arid of different colours.
It is used by gardeners, town halls, landscapers, builders, in any kind of decorative project.

It can be used with any type of aggregates, black, white, red stone, crushed terracotta tile and even other kind of materials as can be pine bark.