Canto rodado blanco rosa

Pink White Pebble

Pink White Pebble

This Pink White Pebble is a white rounded stone with a pinky touch, this 100% natural marble is a variant of our Pure White Pebble, with a pink tone that gives it a very special touch.

Available in our catalog since September 2016, it is having a great success among our customers, due to its originality.


This imported stone is available in our usual granulometry 6-12, 12-24, 24-40, 40-60 and 60-100 mm.

Unit of sale

It can be delivered either in bulk, in 1000 kg big bag or in 20 kg bags.

Pink White Gravel

This decorative stone is also available in a gravel format. It is an alternative to the classical Pure White gravel and pebble. It is available in the following granulometry 6-12 12-24 24-40 and 40-60 mm. As well as the pebbles, it can be delivered in bulk, in big bag or in 20 kg bags.

Feel free to ask for prices or samples, without any commitment

More photos available in high definition on our Google + account Canto rodado Blanco Rosa, and you can also compare it to our Pure White Pebble Google + Canto rodado blanco puro

Pink White Pebble


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