Pure White Pebble

The Pure White Pebble is the most used garden rounded stone in the world. There are many types of white pebbles on the market, some whiter than others, with different tones, pure white or more beige.

Our Pure White rounded stone is the whitest you can find on the market.

Marbel White Pebble

There are white pebbles made of different kind of stone, marble, limestone, granite, etc …

Our White Pebble is made of marble, with the highest degree of whiteness on the market. Its brightness immediatly distinguishes this stone from other white gravel for garden.

Granulometry – Pure White Pebble

We have a large range of granulometry available:

  • 6-12 mm
  • 12-24 mm
  • 24-40 mm
  • 40-60 mm
  • 60-90 mm
  • 90-120 mm
  • 120-200 mm
  • 200-400 mm

Unit of sale – Pure White Pebble

This product can be delivered in bulk, in 1000 kg big bag and in 20 kg bag.

More photos available in high definition in our Google + account and if you are looking for something more original, you can check our Pink White Pebble, a special white pebble with a pink touch.



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