Pink Granite pebble

Pink Granite pebble

The Pink Granite pebble is a very original pebble of pink colour, with black dots and metallic and shiny spots.

This is a product that has been used very little so far because of its hardness.

Nous pouvons également vous proposer le Granit Rose concassé, gravier rose en granit.

Crushed pink granite or pink granite chippings are also available.

Pink Granite boulders

Our granite pebble is artificially tumbled, washed and classified on our new production line.

Pink Granit pebble – Granulometry

Our pebble is available in the following sizes:

6-12, 12-24, 24-40, 40-6,0 60-90 and 90-120 mm.

Unit of sale

As well as our other stones for decoration, this pebble is available in bulk, in 1000 kg or 500 kg bulk bag and in 20 kg mesh bag.

For more photos in high definition, please check the following Google Plus link: Cantos rodados Granito Rosa

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