We are decorative stone manufacturers

Decorative arid for gardening, landscaping, architecture and generally exteriorism.

We are in La rioja and Navarra both Spanish regions and we can ship anywhere in the world like Australia, Canada, UK, USA, China…

We offer all types of decorative arids like rock crushed, gravel, crushed glass, monoliths, slabs, peebles, big boulders and much more.

We have large production capacity and the necessary machinery to produce all our products, crushed, sorted, washed, rounded. Our workshop also produces other accessories such as packaging, metal cages, bigbags, sack separators…

Decorative stone and pebbles

Some examples about how can we use our decorative stone.

Some examples about how we can use our decorative stone.

Our catalog features a wide range of colors in crushed stones and pebbles:

  • Black intense Igea crushed stone and pebbles.
  • Black polished pebbles, exclusive production in europe.
  • Ivory and pure white pebble and crushed rocks.
  • Red intense crushed rocks and pebbles.
  • Pink pebbles and crushed rocks.

We have exclusive aggregates, manufactured by ourselves, like:

  • Igea black polished pebble (Our star product)
  • Yellow saturn crushed rock and pebbles.
  • Classified crushed brick.
  • Tricolor crushed brick
  • White crystal pebbles (translucent)
  • Pearl grey crushed rock and pebbles.
  • Gryish white decorative boulder and big stones

We also offer some accessories, some of them manufactured by ourselves like:

  • Precast concrete wood imitation.
  • Resin for pasting gravel.
  • Wodden sleepers.
  • Resin for pastingand stabilization gravel on the ground.
  • Iron galvanized to separate different arid.
  • Polypropylene mesh for weed.
  • Irregular rocks.
  • Concrete pavement for outdoor.

Decorative stone garden complements

Our materials can be sold in different ways, in bulk, big bags, metal cage,sacks, on pallets.

We also have our own transport and seek any new solution to ship our products.