Rockery stone for decoration

Unique piece

This Rockery stone for decoration, also called Rock with holes, is made of limestone. As time went by, it got scultured by the erosion of water. This yellow white decorative stone is available in different sizes.

It is usually used in garden decoration, to form a block of rockeries, create a water fall, around trees, to design Japanese gardens or all kind of landscaping project.

This stone will give a touch of originality to each space it is placed in, because it is a unique piece.

Rockery Stone

There are different loading options, the rockery stones have to be loaded on pallets. The large pieces will go 1 per pallet and regarding the smaller stones we will be able to load 2 or 3 pieces per pallet.

They can also be delivered in wire baskets of 1000 kg or in bulk.

Please ask us for more information.

Rockery Stones – more than 500 mm.