Granite Curbs

Curbs (made of granite and other materials) are used to delimit spaces, whether they are passable or not, we generally see them in the paving of streets where they have the function of separating the sidewalk, passable by pedestrians, and the road, passable by vehicles.

In the previous example they are placed in such a way that they generate a small step of between five and ten centimeters to differentiate both pavements, and in this way provide safety for pedestrians in front of vehicles, making it difficult for them to invade the sidewalk.

Another function of curbs can be:

  • Contribution for the correct collection of rainwater.
  • Protection of bicycle lanes, being used as separators from the rest of the circulations.
  • Delimitation between indoor and outdoor areas of enclosures.
  • Meeting lines with other surfaces such as grass, sand, gravel, boulders, etc.
Sawn Grey Granite Straight Curbs
Straight curbs of sawn grey granite, form the corner of an area with chamotte under Japanese pass and separate it from another area of white gravel.

Different uses of curbs in gardens

They are a key piece in its design, they serve to define the limits of each of the areas that make it up. In gardening, we can distinguish between raised curbs (as in the streets) or buried curbs, called borders or profiles, which are characterized by going practically unnoticed.

Curbs in gardens can be used to:

  • Contain the soil to create flower pots, growing areas, or decorative elevations (slopes).
  • Separate different materials to prevent them from mixing together, such as grass, dirt, or gravel.
  • Draw shapes on the ground.
  • Decorate.
  • Enhance a space.
  • Fence an area to indicate, visually, that it should be preserved.

The curbs used can be made of very different materials. Depending on the utility we want to give it and the type of garden, either a modern garden or a traditional one, we will choose one or another type of curb.

Sawn Grey Granite Straight Curbs
Sawn grey granite straight curbs used to separate zones and prevent mixing of materials.

Granite Curbs

As you already know, at Canteras el Cerro we are specialists in stone and that is why in this post we want to present you a new and very versatile product, which will offer you a multitude of possibilities and combinations when decorating your garden, they are granite curbs, We have this product in grey color with a sawn finishing on all sides, they have a rectangular shape and their dimensions are 100x10x6 cm.

It is a high quality natural product with careful processing in detail, it can be verified in the calibration of the pieces with all the angles square, and with very economical prices.

Sawn grey granite finish and texture
Sawn grey granite finish

These products are supplied on pallets.



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