puzolana roja para jardineria

Red lava rock

Red lava Rock

The Red Lava Rock, also called Volcanic Rock, is a natural scoriaceous rock and alveolar structure. It has a high capacity to absorb water so it is widely used in gardens, around trees and plants, as it keeps the moisture, reduces the need for irrigation and prolongs life.

This kind of natural stone is used for gardening decoration, architecture, roundabouts, etc. because of its rustic appearance. It is currently being widely used in different kind of projects, and also as an inert carrier substrate and aerating hydroponics. The lava crushed rock can be used alone or mixed with topsoil.
Red lava rock


This product is available in the following sizes: 5-10, 10-25 and 25-50 mm

Red lava rock production

Red lava rock production

Other applications can be as mulch, to shelter the soil and protect it from frost in winter and water evaporation in summer.

Red lava rock

Red lava rock project

It is also used to make lightweight aggregate concretes due to its light weight.

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