Garden Slab “Pebble”

Garden Slab "Pebble"

3 different models, infinite combinations.

Series composed of 3 different models, can be sold together or separately, in any case the combinations are infinite. Oval shapes inspired by our pebbles, registered moulds to protect unique slabs.

GRC concrete

If its design is striking, it is no less so for its material, state-of-the-art GRC concrete that provides high resistance and an easy-to-clean, non-slip finish.

Offer different products, lead your market.

New products attract new customers, old customers need new products, surprise your customers with different garden slabs.

Discover the new “Pebble” slabs

Manufactured in high resistance white GRC concrete, with a pebble shape, this is a series of 3 different pieces, simple in appearance but not indifferent to anyone.