some decoration´s ideas

Decorative garden stone.

There are endless possibilities for using decorative arid garden and indoor. You needs to be clear about what kind of project do you want to make and then look for the shapes, colors and types of stone. Here are some ideas to consider to decorate your home with decorative stone.

One of the ways to decorate with colored boulders are glass vases, they have many possibilities

You can put cut flowers in them or use dried flowers. You can also add layers of different types, colors and sizes, boulder contrasting black and white is a classic that never fails,
but if you be in spring, you will definitely find different combinations of stones and colors to contrast white macael with alicante red, lemon yellow, Igea black stone of the same color but different sizes …. the possibilities are endless.




Decorative vase with white pebbles

The use of garden´s stone  with glass vases of different shapes can be a great complement to decorate halls and rooms in your home. You can combine different sized vases and fill them with stones of different colors to create a decorative set in the interior of your home.


Another option to use colored boulders is to use trays or elongated planters, it is widely used in spas and resort luxury hotels.taken a tray planter elongated and a width of 10 to 15 cm. and  extending stone through the tray ensuring that the bottom is visible.. Once done you can place candles or vases of flowers placed evenly throughout the tray.

Otro uso de la piedra decorativa en el exterior es la realización de caminos y senderos, para este tipo de trabajo es recomendable utilizar chamota de color naranja, este arido de color naranja intenso hará destacar el camino sobre el resto de jardin y además tiene la ventaja de mantener la humedad, muy recomendable para las plantas y para que no se cree polvo al caminar.

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