Dalmata Laja pebble

Dalmata Laja pebble: Pure white and Laja Black pebble

The Dalmata Laja pebble is a mix of our Pure White pebble and Laja Black pebble.

The white color contrasts with the black, creating a pretty composition. The shapes of these two pebbles are also very different, the very round shape of the Pure White pebble contrasts with the geometric shapes of the Laja Black pebble

The Dalmata Laja pebble is an exclusive product of Canteras el cerro,

This pebble mix is artificially, washed and selected on our new production unit.


This pebble is available in the following sizes:

6-12, 12-24 and 24-40 mm.

Unit of sale

This mixcolor pebble can be delivered in bulk, in 1000 and 500 kg bulk bags and in 20 kg mesh bags.

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