Tricolor Grancilla (crushed brick and gravel)

This is a 100% organic material composed of chamotte red (crushed brick), white and black decorative aggregates, it is used for landscaping and gardening, parks, roads and trails.
The chamotte is crushed fired ceramics and it it classified by size. It is also called tricolor Grancilla Terracotta and it is available in the following size 6-14 mm.

Grancilla terracota tricolor

It is a natural and clean material, it doesn’t stain and doesn’t make puddles and it is also non-abrasive. It has great drainage qualities, prevents from evaporation by keeping moisture and reducing the need for irrigation.

This is a  product that will bring a touch of elegance, originality and personality to your projects.

We make a selection of pieces from 6 to 14 mm, the same quantity of red and white crushed brick with black decorative arid, which results to a homogeneous product and an attractive natural color.

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Some examples of tricolor crushed brick and gravel: