Black Igea pebbles

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IGEA polished black pebble is a rock of basaltic origin we get from our quarry Igea in(La Rioja)Spain, which owes its name. It is an Intense black stone. It is a stone of great hardness and toughness. But its main feature is its intense black color, which is why is highly regarded among manufacturers  terrazzo and concrete precast  with stone, and of course for architects, indoor and outdoor decorators and especially for gardening. We have different sizes and finishes, depending on their use, those are our formats available nowadays and their uses:


  • Crushed stone. Used for the manufacture of terrazzo, precast concrete, landscaping, and decorating roundabouts, gardens..
  • Pebbles. Widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration, especially for gardening, decorating roundabouts, termination of covers, decorative flower beds, architectural projects … There both are two  finish:  Natural finish and brushed finish. We can provide inbulk or in big bags of 1,000 kgs.
  • Monoliths. Used for landscaping, roundabouts, roundabouts, patios, entryways and architectural projects.
  • Breakwater. We also have riprap for stabilization of slopes, protection of shorelines, beaches and ports, are black get a of  beauty natural touch outstanding.

Below you will find somel examples of our IGEA black stone.