Porcelain stoneware XL slabs

Porcelain stoneware is a material that has the capacity to adapt to the needs of each project. Due to current trends in exterior design, we have recently added the new XL porcelain stoneware slabs format to our catalogue.

This model has dimensions of 100x100x1 cm and is available in 4 finishes inspired by noble materials such as:

White Beton

White Beton Porcelain stoneware XL slab

Grey Marble

Detail of the Grey Marble slab finish

Black Marble

Detail of the Black Marble slab finish

Corten Steel

Detail of Corten Steel slab finish

Porcelain stoneware has gradually been gaining momentum in the field of garden decoration and has become a recommended material for the sector due to its solid composition and appearance, resistance to weathering, impact and shock as well as its anti-slip properties. It also requires little maintenance and is very easy to clean.

The XL porcelain stoneware tile is conceived as the perfect solution both for large-scale landscaping projects and for welcoming gardens and patios that seek a modern and sober aesthetic. Its large format dimensions make it a product that is quick to install and, added to the lightness of each piece, it is doubly comfortable to work with.

Porcelain stoneware XL slabs on turf
Porcelain stoneware XL garden slabs

Differences between porcelain stoneware and ceramic stoneware

Porcelain stoneware slabs are made with a white paste from highly refined, high purity clay that is mainly characterised by being a hard, rigid, resistant and not very porous material, so it has minimal water absorption.

Ceramic stoneware tiles can be made with red body or white body, depending on the performance that the manufacturer wants to show, they are generally less rigid pieces but more porous, so the water absorption is somewhat higher.

Both types of ceramics are made from clay, the difference is given in the addition of other aggregates or substances to the mixture that will improve their performance in different areas and spaces.

For our products we seek the highest quality and best performance for use in outdoor spaces, so we want you to know the difference and why our range of XL slabs are made of porcelain stoneware.

More photos of XL porcelain stoneware slabs.



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