Black concrete wash

The black washed concrete is a special concrete made central, it is used exclusively for our arid Black Igea, black sand and gravel Igea Black Igea. His appearance is achieved after putting in work, in various ways, can be done using concrete deactivating, brushes, water pressure machines, or simply with a water hose.


Urbanización en Corella, Navarra - 2009

Urbanización Corella, Navarra - 2009

Hormigon lavado negro


Black washing concrete.
For the implementation of  Black  concretewash pavement seen in the photograph was proceeded as follows:

1 .- Pour the concrete and leave trying to rule the surface smooth, uniform and equalized.
2 .- Let the concrete set between 3 and 8 hours, depending on weather conditions.
3 .- After that, wash the concrete with a water hose to remove the top layer, leaving the barren seen.


Several advantages of this type of concrete, apart from the obvious aesthetic beauty greatly improves grip, is why it is widely used in sidewalks, parking and general traffic areas. It is also remarkable ease of implementation and its affordable price difference compared to conventional concrete.


Urbanización en Corella, Navarra - 2009 - Constructor: Victorino Vicente

Urbanización en Corella, Navarra – 2009 – Constructor: Victorino Vicente


Urbanization in Corella, (Navarra) Spain – 2009 – Builder: Victorino Vicente.

We also do concrete boulder wash but due to the nature of the boulder does not provide the same grip.