Bera gravel fix

Gravel fix is extruded polypropylene plates with cavities in form of honeycombs used to  stabilize gravel. Can walk  and drive a car easily into this material.

The inner face is coated with a porous geotextile.
Once filled with gravel, supports a weight of 100 tonnes per m2.


  • Perfect stabilization : easy transit for pedestrians and wheeled vehicles.
  • The geotextile at the base of the plates, helps good drainage.
  • No need for mechanical anchoring. As a plate filled with gravel and weighs about 230 kgs  can be placed on slopes of up to 45% or 24º
  • Material flexible and lightweight, fits any type of terrain.
  • The plates can be cut with the help of a cutter or radial.
  • The porous geotextile prevents the gravel lift plates. It also acts against the growth of weeds.
  • Quick installation thanks to easy handling of the panels.
  • Nidagravel can be recycled and environmentally friendly.
  • Easy maintenance with gravel surface.


  • Parking of vehicles.
  • Private areas, terraces and gardens.
  • Roads, bike paths, access to buildings.

* Gravel should be placed 1 or 2 cm above Nidagravel.

click here for watch the explicative video.


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