Silica sand

We offer a full range of silica sand, for any application, any type of silica and different sizes, according to your needs.

Our range is composed of different types of silica, more or less percentage of silicon dioxide, larger or smaller size, dry or wet, with more dust and less dust grain. Please ask us and we will advise you on which one is recommended for each use.

feldspathic sands, potash feldspar, fiberglass, sand refractory products

Applications of silica sand:

  • Greenhouses
  • Nursery
  • Under artificial grass
  • Cats
  • Glass manufacturing
  • Water filters, swimming pools, power plants…
  • Manufacturing of casting molds
  • Concrete and special cement manufacture
  • Refractory preparation
  • Sandblasting
  • Resins, epoxies and polymers preparation
  • As ground for horse riding schools and horse tracks
  • Purification plants
  • Coating

Unit of sale

We served in bulk, 1000 kg big bag and 20 kg bag.

Silica sand for manufacturing glass, cements, epoxy resins and polymers.

Silica sand, Silica isolates, sports fields, coatings, foundry, filtration and pavements

Silicas isolates, sports fields, coatings, foundry, filtration and pavements

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