Red Pebble

It’s with Red marbol that we manufacture our Red Pebble, one of the most used pebble for garden decoration.

Its red color, is highlighted with beautiful white veins, it is a marble stone, a stone highly valued by landscapers and architects.

In addition to our standard size red pebbles, we also produce bigger size stones, like cobble.

It is one of the gravel that best contrasts with other colours, either with white, black, gray or yellow pebbles.

Granulometry- Red Pebble

We have a wide range of sizes from which to choose:

6-12, 12-24, 24-40, 40-60 and 60-100 mm.

And as mentioned above, 150-300 and 300-500 mm.

Unit of sale

Our Decorative Red marbel is available in bulk (full truck), in 1000 kg big bag with handles, but also in 20 kg bags, packed on a pallet (50 bags per pallet, wooden or Euro pallet)

Red pebble

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Also disponible gravier rouge.

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