Black cement auto-smooth


Mortero autonivelante color negro

It is a material made from cementitiousis , very homogeneous in fresh flowing like a liquid, not segregate or bleed, turning once hardened into a stable structure that supports loads like it be solid. We produce exclusively with BLACK IGEA ARID , fine sand,cement and black limestone filler who is responsible for non segregate to be a homogeneous mixture.

It is a material whose main destination is the replacement of compacted soil in backfilling, pavement bases and difficult access cavities that need to be filled as micro-ditch and small ditch.

Cement autosmooth is usually called “Fluid Filled CLMS Controlled Density” too, as is known in English terminology.

The present self-compacting cement autosmooth fluidity specifically designed to allow complete filling of the cavities of an excavation, making their specific characteristics, the best  value support  without any compaction, especially in difficult areas where soils can not be compacted properly and avoid possible breakage of cables and Duct by the compaction.

mortero autonivelante negro


1 – When a fluid product, runs in all directions, filling all the gaps, without the application of mechanical energy that can damage the pipes buried in the trench.

2 – Being a cementitious filler, produced with the technology of concrete made, their mechanical properties (strength, modulus, etc.) Are entirely predictable throughout its life.

3 – can be designed so that, with adequate bearing capacity, can be easily removed in case of future maintenance operations.

4 – When done with Black arid Igea goes unnoticed when used in asphalt microzanjas.


You can achieve compressive strengths from 0.3 MPa to 80 MPa depending on the amount of cement used. In some cases, dyes can be used even in future excavations is visible and there are no unwanted breaks.

fuel storage tanks, wells, sewers… The most recent project is a micro-ditch for optic  fiber of Vodafone company  in Logroño.


Currently in the United States and France, the utility companies specify the flowable fill in place of compacted soils, for filling gaps around pipes and plumbing.

The material flows under and around pipes, providing uniform support, with not empty. Such as leveling, the fluid fills eliminate the danger of damaging the pipes during mechanical compaction.

When providing for future maintenance operations of the service networks, padding can be adjusted to understanding resistance to less than 1 MPa with backhoes excavated that are common. Landfill because fluid flow and compaction is not required, are suitable to be placed in areas of difficult access, where tamping soil or granular fill it nearly impossible. It may be mentioned as typical examples, filling voids under existing pavement, filled with abandoned underground structures such as culverts, pipes, tunnels, fuel storage tanks or solvent, wells, sewers, etc. The most recent and novel is filled microzanjas for fiber optic condución Vodafone in Logroño.

The Micro ditches are a new construction´s technique of optical networks in urban environments. Involves the installation of cables and small microduct inside  cuts made on asphalt or concrete. Its approximate dimensions are 15-20 mm in width and 8-20 cm. deep.

Microzanjas installation in an alternative that reduces the impact of civil works in the installation of new cables. The cost can be 1 / 3 of a normal channel.

To make these cuts, we use high-powered cutters with diamond discs. There are some companies with this type of cutters, Husqvarna and CoreCut being two of them. It is critical that the cutters are of enough power, being a 66 Horsepower´s cutter enough strong.
Microductos para fibra optica en Logroño para Vodafone


• Reduced installation costs

• Less traffic condition and users to the traditional civil works

• Speed

• Low production of debris

• Low penetration in the subsoil

• Easy maintenance

Micro zanja rellenar con mortero negro autonivelante

The installation steps are:

• Performing microzanja

• Clean using compressed air or water pressure

• Installation of cable

• Placement of protective inserts

• Fill trench with self-leveling mortar Black


Vodafone Spain is using for the first time in Logroño the system “MicroDuct” to install a network of high capacity optical fiber, about twenty kms, and an operator’s investment of 2.5 million euros.

zanjas muy estrechas para introducir fibra optica en la ciudad ahorrando costes, sin escombros, sin cortar calless

The traditional trench to be opened on the sidewalks to lay optical fiber to be replaced by micro-ditchs in Logroño, smaller pipes and now almost imperceptible to the people. The implementation of these trenches does not require cutting streets and do not generate debris or noise.