Pit tree solution and resin decorative Velestone arids 

Gravel with resins pit tree


Build or repair your pit trees with Velestone resin and decorative stone. A solution to all of life, economic, decorative and easy to install. It is a draining pavement composed of aggregates and resin aqueous base. The installation is very simple.

If necessary the tree pit filled with gravel without resin to 4 mm. before the sidewalk level and compacted, then the decorative arid mixed with the resin and the tree pit is filled to the level of the sidewalk and given a fine finish with the trowel.  After 24 hours we have the trees surround finished and ready for use.



Avoid pedestrian falls that cost lots of money to city council.


– Comply with applicable accessibility standards.

Saving water, being a tree pavement draining,will continue to receive water and this water is used in addition to 100% as it keeps long time, without evaporation.

Made from decorative natural stone to choose from our wide range.

– Safe pit trees, to be the same level tham the sidewalk. Avoid accidents especially among the elderly.

– Better use of sidewalks, to be flush of it, the tree pit is used as a part of the sidewalk, especially important on narrow sidewalks.

– Cleaning, prevents the waste is deposited in the pit trees.

– Without maintenance. don’t it needs any maintenance during all of life.

– Easy installation,  requires no qualification.

– Economic, because of its cost and savings in costly neighbors´ indemnification.

– Avoid weeds.

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