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Piedras decorativas blancas y negras
Pebbles MIXCOLOR Range
26 March 2021

Different, infinite products, created by YOU. Hawai Pebbles for resin surfaces Read More
Piedras redondeadas pequeñas para resina y acuarios
Hawai Pebbles for resin surfaces
14 November 2020

Hawai Pebbles for resin surfaces From our Mixcolor range is born a new product Hawaii pebble perfectly mixed, washed and dried... Read More
Dalmata Laja pebble
21 December 2018

Dalmata Laja pebble: Pure white and Laja Black pebble The Dalmata Laja pebble is a mix of our Pure White pebble... Read More
Lisboa river pebble
7 September 2018

Lisboa river pebble Multicolored round river pebble with a predominance of red and green. It is a siliceous stone uniformly rounded... Read More