Monoliths and rockery

The monoliths are unique stones. They have been used since ancient times by man, by all civilizations as a symbol of strength and sacred symbols. Today it is used in landscaping and outdoor, especially in creating Japanese gardens and also in modern architectural design. It has always fascinated man and today it continues to do.


Natural and carving Igea intense slate black monolith.Different color monoliths

 Black stone monolith Igea

Colored monoliths

 stone with big holes Dark gray stone with holes

Yellow stone with holes

Black stone with holes

 Orange reddish stone with small holes Granite gray monolith

 Red stone with holes

 Mercury granite monolith

 Big specimens Japanese garden rocks monolithic pieces of  black slate

 Saturn yellow monolith

 Igea slate monoliths

 Garden rocks, Japanese garden rocks, rocks with moss

 Burdeos red rock


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