Mesh bag white stone

20 kg mesh bag for white stone

We have a wide range of gravel and pebbles for garden, in 20 kg mesh bags.

Our 20 kg bag is a plastic net, its main advantage is to see the product inside as it is, its color, its touch, its general aspect.

All our decorative aggregates are washed before packing, so that the products presented in the mesh bags are more attractive and make the final customer want to buy them.

Garden stone mesh bag, durability

One of its great advantage is the durability of the net, even in the worst weather conditions, the net will last more than 3 years. It will also resist the sun rays perfectly, unlike plastic bags that resist only 6 months (and only if they are of a high quality plastic).

Mesh bags pallet

The nets are placed on pallet and filmed carefully for greater safety during the shipment and also to protect them from dirt until they are sold.

We can place 50 or 60 nets of 20 kilos each on a pallet. For resale in garden centers for example, the customer can receive pallets including different types of aggregates or granulometries.

Decorative stone stock

With this kind of packaging, you can be sure that your stock of decorative stones will be safe and protected and the nets won’t lose products from one year to another.

Eco friendly bags

This type of mesh bag uses only one-tenth of the plastic used in the manufacture of the usual plastic bags, which is why this kind of packaging has less impact on the environment. On the other hand, the net is sewn, so if it is openned at the seam, it can be reused because it is very resistant.

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20 kg mesh bags for decorative stone

20 kg mesh bags for decorative stone


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