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puzolana roja para jardineria
Red lava rock
22 August 2012

Red lava Rock The Red Lava Rock, also called Volcanic Rock, is a natural scoriaceous rock and alveolar structure. It has... Read More
White crushed marble
11 June 2012

White crushed marble (gravel) The white crushed  marble is the decorative stone par excellence. It isthe  most widely used in landscaping and gardening, due…

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Tricolour terracotta clay
29 January 2011

Tricolour terracotta clay Tricolour terracotta clay is a 100% ecological material composed of red, white and black decorative grog, it is…

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Crushed Terracotta tile
4 January 2011

Crushed brick Chippings Also called crushed terracotta tile, the crushed brick chippings is used in garden, park, road and path projects... Read More