Gabion stone

Acustic portection with siegue basket stone, noise protection

Noise protection, Acustic protection

We realize decorative gabion stone stone for both outdoor and indoor decorative gabian stone offers many advantages besides the beauty and potential look of natural stone.

decorative gabian stone wall

With our system you can make  walls from 100mm. to  230mm.  width.  And can be filled with any type and size of stone because we have different mesh sizes.

Gabian stone has several advantages over other solutions.

  • Timeless, modern and stylish design.
  • Quick and economic construction.
  • Permeable to water without hydrostatic water loading, water drainage.
  • Maintenance free, no need to paint.
  • Extremely outdoor resistant
  • Variety of design, because  clients can choose any type and color of natural stone.
  • Also you can even draw pictures with stone, glass stones and use light.
  • Great beauty at  indoor places, narrow design, possibility of holding the wall.
  • Construction system tested and environmentally friendly
  • Blend with the natural surroundings and harmony with the landscape.

It is a resource with great potential in contemporary architecture, ease to apply, beauty, originality, many possibilities to be filled with many materials, visual protection, wind protection, noise protection and fits within the parameters of sustainable construction.


As decoration:  Landscaping and gardening, , hill pretections, separation  walls creating, car parks..

Construction: For outdoor and indoor, natural and sustainable look. Big acustic advantages with out maintenance, protection of  rivers´ bank, canal lining/coating, water bams protection..

Roads:  Stone fall protection, acustic/noise walls..

Forniture: Furniture built with gabian stone such as benches, planters, tables, counters, all you are able to imagine.


Gabian  can be planted all kinds of seeds and create a unique habitat and a natural look.