Forniture of siege basket/ mesh cage

Contemporary urban furniture, sustainable,with out  maintenance and designed  for all life.

Street furniture is manufactured in galvanized iron, original and contemporary design, it can be filled with any type of natural stone.

Our furniture is environmentally friendly and perfectly fit to the concept of sustainable construction, use natural stone and their design and manufacturing ensures superior durability and no maintenance.



Combine originality, functionality and design in a way that allow them to accommodate both classic and contemporary spaces. Foreground its ability to adapt to different spaces since the customer can choose the type of stone or fill material that, playing with colors, endless shapes and textures.


Both galvanized iron and natural stone give exceptional durability, galvanized is resistant to abrasion and corrosion, high mechanical strength and offers triple protection: physical barrier, electrochemical protection and self-healing. Natural stone is resistant to heat, water, moisture, scratches, spills and stains.


They are maintenance free and are made with 100% recyclable materials which contributes significantly to environmental sustainability.


– Original design
– Sustainability and durability
– Mantenance free
– Adaptable according to filler used, colors, shapes and textures
– Upgradeable ( filler changing)