Seguir a Velestone en Twitter

What´s twitter?

Basically Twitter is a web application that allows users to write small texts (up to 140 characters) that can be read by anyone who has access to your page. Each user can choose to read on their website twetter texts of other people or companies you choose. Each user, person or company will have a list of “followed” and a “followers”. Fans read the texts published by the continued on their personal pages. This is basically Twitter, but for our company and our brand Velestone want it to be something else …


1. A tool for customer service.

We want to listen to our customers calls, complaints, needs, respond to questions and requests.

2.Method conversation  with our customers

We want to be close and dialogue with our customers, talk, discuss, disagree and everything is third. We take an interest in our “followers” and experiences, closer communication.


3. Method promotional offers, discounts, updates …

We wat to report on new products or services, promotions, offers, discounts …

4. Communication news and live events, attendance at trade shows..