Deicing Salt

Our Deicing Salt is used in cold season, to clear our streets, roads, highways, private roads, etc.

We can serve it in bulk, 1000 kg big bags or in 20 kg bags.

Take the opportunity to purchase before high season (in November) to get a better price.

Salt for cold seasons, deicing salt

winter road salt packaged

How to use it

The best way would be to spread salt before the snow falls, so when the snow meets the salt, it melts.

Deicing salt for road

Salt for frost roads

Why throw salt on the snow?

The salt lowers the water melting point. Salt and water together have a melting point of about -20 degrees and the snow alone, 0 degree, this means that salt makes the snow melt and prevents it from turning into ice. 

If we throw salt on the snow, it will need a temperature of -21 degrees to tun into ice.

deicing salt in big bags or bulk

deicing salt

example about how can we spread salt on the road

Salt on the road