CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. A commitment to sustainable devel.

The European Council of March 2000, held in Lisbon, marked the EU’s strategic goal for the decade, to become the knowledge-based economy more competitive and dynamic in the world. Capable of sustainable economic growth with more and better employment and greater social cohesion.
Sustainable development is a key objective of all EU policies, which seeks to promote a dynamic economy with high employment and education, health protection, social and territorial cohesion and environmental protection in a safe world in peace, respecting cultural diversity, while that defined the guide lines for sustainable development:
• Environmental protection: breaking the link between economic growth and environmental degradation.
• Social equity and cohesion, democratic, inclusive, cohesive, healthy and safe., It must create equal opportunities and combat discrimination.
• Economic Prosperity: prosperous, innovative, rich in knowledge, competitive and eco-efficient, high standard of living and full employment of high quality.
• Meeting international responsibilities, internal and external policies must be committed to global sustainable development.
The Corporate Social Responsibility is “the voluntary integration by companies of social and environmental concerns in their business operations and their relationships with their partners.”

It is the business contribution to the objective of achieving a more sustainable development.
This is a diverse set of commitments to social and environmental economic order adopted by the enterprises which add value to fulfill their legal obligations while contributing to social progress and economic development in the context of sustainable development.
This is a new business culture based on a more strategic in its operation, its values and principles and purposes that inspire. CSR also represents a new model of participatory and transparent company, concerned about labor relations and quality employment based on continuous training and qualification of their workers. It also bids on the conciliation of personal life, family and work, and gender equality, eliminating sex discrimination. All these aspects improve business productivity and provide a higher level of adaptability to changes resulting from market competition.
CANTERAS EL CERRO has traditionally been applying CSR without calling it that way. For example in our relations with our employees and customers, providing support for social, sport and cultural events in our town. In June 2010, we started a plan to enhance and advance in Corporate Social Responsibility, therefore we laid solid foundations for growth with a new business model capable of reconciling the maximization of profits with the implementation of social and environmental practices.