Crushed Terracotta tile

Crushed brick Chippings

Crushed terracotta tile

Also called crushed terracotta tile, the crushed brick chippings is used in garden, park, road and path projects for its bright orange colour and because it is 100% organic.

The terracotta tile is crushed quarry tiles, classified by size. 3 sizes are available: 0-3 (gravel), 3-6 and 6-14 mm.

It is natural, clean (non smearing and non-staining) and it is also non-abrasive. It has great drainage qualities, it prevents from evaporation, keeps the humidity and reduces the need of irrigation.

This aggregate is used to decorate gardens and parks, but also to make tennis court and athletics track. It can also be used to decorate pots, jarrons and mixed with conventional substrates.

In winter, we make considerable discounts.

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