Brown pebbles

Our River Caramel Pebble is a naturally rounded and tumbled stone, with a caramel brown touch which makes it special and different from most of the greyish river pebbles.

The Brown pebble is a stone for landscaping and outdoor decoration, with a good quality-price ratio.

Unit of sale

Available in bulk, 1000 kg bulk bag and 20 kg mesh-bag.

Dry Brown pebbles

Dry Brown pebbles

This naturally rounded stone is also called Caramel Pebble and it is produced by the drag of the water in the river. It is extracted in the areas where there are too many stones that can be harmful, causing overflows and floods.

Wet Brown pebbles

Wet Brown pebbles

This pebble can be used in rustic or classic decorative projects, but it can also easily find its place in more modern arquitectural projects.

This product is also available in 150-300 and 300-500 mm cobble.



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