Grava gris azulada

Blue Grey Pebble

It’s from the Blue Grey gravel, a grey marble with blue tones, that we elaborate the Blue Grey Pebble.

Crystalline in appearance, it fits better in contemporary design projects, but it also looks very good in rustic design projects.

It combines very well with white gravel, black and even with red stones.

Granulometry – Blue Grey Pebble

A large range of sizes is available:

  • 6-12 mm
  • 12-24 mm
  • 24-40 mm
  • 40-60 mm
  • 60-100 mm
  • Also in 150-300 and 300-500 mm.

Unit of sale – Blue Grey Pebble

Our Blue Grey Pebble can be delivered in bulk, full truck loading, but also in 1000 kg big bag and 20 kg bag, on a pallet.

The big size cobbles, 150-300 and 300-500 mm, can be packed in metal cage. This packing way is quite useful if your company subsequently resells those products to other customers. The stone is easy to see and the metal cage can be reused for other stones.

Also available en Blue grey gravel chippings

Blue Grey Pebble



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