Black polished pebbles

Black polished pebbles with intense black effect and matt appearance

Made out of our Igea black natural pebble, the Black Polished Pebbles are a high value pebble which can be used both for indoor and outdoor decoration. It doesn’t lose its appearance outdoor.

Our polished black stone will give a touch of elegance and exclusivity to your projects, because of its beauty and natural glow, but also because of its intense black colour.


Available in 3 different sizes: 12-24, 24-40 and 40-60 mm.

Black polished pebbles

Black polished pebbles

Unit of sale

Our stones can be packed in 1000 kg big bags (conditionned with a cover that prevents from humidity and dust) or in 20 kg bags.

The stone is extracted and elaborated in our quarry in Igea (La Rioja) Spain

Our new manufacturing system improved and we get a much more intense black color, an homogeneous finish and above all it keeps its look until the last day.

Marble decorative pebble of European origin, not from china.

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